D M S TRUST regularly does Annadhanam. Every Saturday between 200 to 300 Children assemble at DMS Centre for tuitions. On this day nutritious lunch is prepared by the staff and the Children are fed. If these Children need to attend classes on Saturday at their School, the tuitions are organised on the next day i.e Sunday. In such case Annadhanam is done on Sunday. The Annadhanam is done very often in the names of well-wishers / devotees on occasions such as their birthdays/ Wedding anniversaries, or to mark solemn functions such as death ceremonies. The names of such sponsors are announced and prayers are held alongwith the Children to pray for their welfare.

Apart from the above, specially prepared food is given to persons with leprosy on Thursdays at the Sai Baba Temple, Mylapore, Chennai and these persons pray for the welfare of the donors/departed souls. Kamakshi Baba has said that some very great souls take birth as lepers and their prayers are very powerful. (See Leprosy Support)

Old Clothes Distribution
For the very poor, DMS organises distribution of old clothes from devotees and well-wishers. On a specified day these people are asked to come to our centre and the clothes are matched and evenly distributed.