Out-patient Centre and Camps

Out-patient Medical Centre
DMS Trust has been running anOut-patient Medical Centre at Village Alamadhi with Dr.Geetha Badrinath (MD, Ped, DCH) and two full-time nurses. The centre provides out-patient treatment to the poor and counseling on heath care to residents of Alamadhi and nearby villages. The following table gives the break up of OPD patients by categories.

S.No. Summary upto June '15 OPD-Nos.
1 School check ups 11116
2 Dental check ups 296
3 DMS Centre patients 27928
4 Gandhinagar patients 3005
5 Medical camp-Centre 892
6 Medical camp-Gandhinagar 425
7 Deworming 1246
8 Kamakshi Project (incldg. Rubella & Typhoid) 4278
  Total   49186

Gandhinagar is a hamlet where there is more density of population and it is about 2 kms from our Centre. We operate an outreach service twice a week at Gandhinagar where the inflow of OPD villagers is high. The quality and availability of medical facilities to the very poor is almost non-existent in the region, or very expensive and beyond the means of the residents. Hence villagers who come to us find the outcome very positive and economical.

OPD cases
OPD cases DMS Trust has handled from 1994 till date may be divided into three categories:
1. Infective: The following are typical cases we have been getting:

  • Malaria
  • Jaundice
  • Typhoid
  • Pneumonia
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Dysentery
  • Upper & lower respiratory tract
2. Non infective: The following are typical cases we have been getting:
  • BP
  • Cholesterol
  • Cardiac
  • Diabetes
  • Renal
  • Genetic problems
3. Preventive: The following are typical cases we have been getting:
  • Ante natal for infants
  • Pre natal for expectant mothers
  • De-worming
  • Vitamin supplements
The setting up of a hospital will make it possible to for us to devote more and better attention to these cases as OPD may not be adequate to respond to all cases. Besides, by operating OPD we are handicapped in serving patients who lack the medical infrastructure at home or where the family members may not devote their whole-hearted attention. This is particularly so when the patient is old and is considered as a liability. For post-surgery cases where after undergoing surgery elsewhere, we can give more appropriate service at our Centre when we have a 24X7 hospital.

Medical attention for school boys
For the boys who attend our coaching classes, we administer de-worming and vitamin tablets to deal with stomach/intestinal infections due to poor hygiene conditions/dental habits. The level of hygiene is very low in the village homes. Children do not have the culture of brushing their teeth, or combing their hair or washing their socks or clothes or cutting their nails or changing from school uniform at home. With a view to inculcating the right attitude and practices, the nurses inspect the children every week and students are motivated by the offer of prizes if they do well on these counts. Due to this involvement, the problem of dental cavities in the target area has been reduced substantially. Their appetite picks up and this results in weight gain and greater concentration in studies. Girls are covered under Project Kamakshi described below.

Outreach is an important attribute of our services by conducting free camps. DMS Trust conducts free camps for villagers including children in association with Apollo Hospitals/ Jeevodaya Cancer Hospice, Rajan Eye Care Hospital etc. For the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu, a dental camp for children was conducted with the help of Apollo Hospitals which moved doctors, equipment and materials to the village where the extraction and filling was done instead of requiring the patient to come to the clinic.

The population in and around Alamadhi is widely dispersed and every 5 kms or so there are a cluster of houses. Therefore DMS Trust serves a very wide geeograhical base of the population. When camps are held at DMS Trust premises, DMS Trust sends a team to these villages a few days before the camp, to inform them about the camp and explain who and how the villagers would benefit.

Project Kamakshi

This is a project very dear to us which is focused on poor girl children from birth till the age of 18. This project concentrates on preventing critical disabilities in the girl-child including providing injections of Rubella vaccine.

DMS Trust with its experience in medical care is convinced there exists a felt need for quality health care for certain typical problem cases such as for gastrointestinal, typhoid, pre-term babies etc.

Leprosy Support

Giving a sense of dignity to persons with leprosy is one goal DMS holds very dear to itself.

DMS serves food to persons with leprosy from 1985 - without break - (even before DMS was formally started), DMS has been doing weekly poor-feeding with delicious food items prepared by its Members or by ordering from high grade restaurants.

Shri Kamakshi Baba, has said that some very great souls are born as lepers and they spend their life in deep prayers without being disturbed by Society. DMS requests persons with leprosy to whom poor feeding is done to pray for the welfare of the Donors of food.

For persons whose soles/feet are bruised with leprosy sores and who find it difficult to walk, DMS has provided wheel-chairs.

Once a year DMS supplies lungies for men, sarees for women and where required, rain-coat sheets.

Persons with leprosy are invited to join the Members in the annual get-together on 19th February every year at Village Alamadhi. On this day, they form part of the group and join and participate in prayers and Homam and thereafter for lunch.

Prayers for the Sick

Members of Divine Mother Society, at the request of the patient, gather at a convenient place in the presence of the sick person. Based on the nature of affliction certain mantras are chanted by the group in unison in physical contact with the sick person forming a chain around him/her thereby charging his/her weak AURA, with the cumulative AURA of the others present (when a person chants MANTRAS he/she boosts his/her own AURA).

Sound can produce mental vibrations. Depending on the pattern of sound produced, it creates deep impression on the mental frame and its reactions are expressed through and felt in the body. It is based on this principle that various MANTRAS have been formulated by the different religious heads. All religions have their own MANTRAS which if chanted in a particular tone and mode are known to create vibrations in the human body and mind and have been the cause for alleviation of many a suffering-MENTAL or PHYSICAL.

For instance, when the word KLEEM is uttered the thrust given by the tongue influences the nerve beneath the tongue which in turn activates the heart and expands the bronchioles. Thus specific MANTRAS have different effects on bodily ailments.

Some of more commonly known implications are as follow:

Sosthram Effect
Vishnu Sahasranamam Lowers High Blood Pressure
Maha Rudram Rectifies Mental/Nervous Disorders and Epilepsy
Lalitha Sahasranamam Normalises Low Blood Pressure
Chandi Navavarnam Purification of Blood / Blood Relating Diseases
Mahakali Kadgamala Protection during Surgery and Infusion of Energy
Lalitha Trisati Safeguarding against risk situations

Some of the above such as ‘CHANDI NAVA AVARANAM’ & ‘MAHA KALI KADGAMALA’ are rare MANTRAS.

Chanting by DMS Members is done as part ofHUMANITARIAN SERVICE entirely FREE OF COST and irrespective of Religion or Caste.

The Society also has produced professionally recorded audio cassettes to tutor the learner in the MAHAMANTRAS.